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Product Overview

In sales, very few people manage to achieve exceptional results. With Skaly, it’s possible! This platform allows you to improve your outbound marketing and thus significantly increase the number of qualified leads you generate each day thanks to the data collected and enriched (mails + tel.), intuitive warm-up as well as lead scoring which indicates in real time whether a contact is cold or hot. Finally, to further boost professional performance, a gamification component is added in order to better understand how to achieve excellence in the Sales & Marketing B2B sector.


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The challenge of a Minimum Viable Product (MVP) is to limit the resources committed while testing in real condition the appetite for an offer. This involves evaluating two major dimensions of an innovation, with a view to validating or adjusting them before a larger-scale launch:

- Minimum (M): the central function or value of the innovative offer. It is considered “minimal” as this is the limit beyond which the user can no longer perceive or accept the value proposition;

- Viable (V): the viability of innovative supply. This includes its revenue model, but also other more organizational (for example, a distribution channel) or cultural (for example, brand DNA).


User Research

Skaly had to position itself in a very competitive market and had to differentiate itself in order to survive. For this we had to discover:




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