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Proud to imagine training as a powerful lever for professional and personal development, SINEA has the ambition to help professionals become a better version of themselves.

With their 100% customized and innovative training experiences, Sinea puts people at the heart of the process by combining the expertise of its trainers with the best digital pedagogy.


Sinea offers its training courses on its website.

For customized training, prospects contact Sinea to study their project and propose a 100% customized solution.

The goal was to create this program.


A very graphic and aesthetic document, but easily modifiable on a free tool.

The competency pages must be generated in Word format.

2 different documents to deliver


In order to achieve a graphic rendering, I decided to use Figma as a tool with the use of components to customize the catalog (logo, tag, skills) easily and keeping a graphic consistency.

For the pages to be generated from Word, I decided to import the graphics directly into the document.

1st document

2nd document

Pages generated on Word
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