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About the product

MyProfilia is a SaaS tool based on the teaching work of the American lawyer and psychologist W.M Marston. In his book “Emotions of normal people”, he proposes to decipher and describe the behaviour of each person in many situations (stress, challenges, conflicts, etc.)

The DISC model is represented by four components of the model on a disc, separated by two spots-persons and extroverted-introverted axes.


Product designer


Problem statement

MyProfilia is a tool developed by Benoit Champliaud. Despite all the qualities of its algorithm, the product is hard to convince. Benoit is looking to sell its technology and a brand new look will help convince potential buyer of the potential of the technology.

Market overview


There was a lot of interest, but more importantly, a lot of curiosity. When a trial was scheduled, people used a few credits to analyze their own profiles and often those of their colleagues, but the use ended there. Based on this observation, several questions had to be addressed:


First hypothesis: The market is not ready

The notion of hyper-personalization reflects the paradigm shift and the emergence of personalization in marketing. It’s an advanced form of personalization based on a new way of thinking and using data in marketing.

Conclusion: The French market is not mature enough for this type of tool

Despite strong consumer demand, French companies have not yet achieved this level of personalization in their marketing strategy. Segmentation is initially based on demographic, sociological or purchasing habits. Psychological segmentation is not yet the norm in companies.

Second hypothesis: The model is not suitable

As the market is not mature on this subject, it is necessary to create the adoption of the practice with weak means. The costs are therefore high because the critical mass is not reached.

Numerous interviews with clients and prospects have also shown signs of a less mature market:first of all the prospective customers do not understand the profitProspects can’t imagine what the product costsAnd finally they wait for the neighbor to test first.

MyProfilia operates on own funds, with low cash flow. It will not have the means to build a strong identity or invest heavily in marketing.

Conclusion: The API model

We noticed that many SaaS specialized in Marketing/Sales Automation were interested in MyProfilia. The API model would allow the tool to live through other tools and sensitize the myProfilia PKI to the benefits of personalization via the psychological profile.

Competition Analysis


Design Before/After

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