Mark Copy AI

Product Design, UIUX Design, Branding, Visual Design, Art Direction, Concept Design

Product Overview

Mark Copy released a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) in August 2021. When I joined them in October, they had ca. 800 active users on the platform. They achieved great results but wanted to scale the company faster.

I joined them as the unique product designer of the team. I was working directly with the CEO and the CTO. As often in early start-ups, product designer are in charge of many many things: UX research, UI design, Product Management and even Marketing in my case.

During my time there, I redesigned the whole website and app while testing and developping for new features.


- Product designer


- Figma

- Miro

- Principle

- After effect

Problem Statement

When you want to scale, everything is going fast. And the small adjustments can really change the shape of your growth. We focused on three main challenges.

01. Get more users

The first thing we wanted to have is more users. Even though we can think it is the marketing job, product designers have a big part to play there.

02. How to convert them

Now that we get users, we want them to convert into paying customers.

03. And keep them

The churn was high and we needed to figure a way to keep our clients happy.


User Research

Mark Copy’s biggest challenge was identifying factors leading to drop-offs on the app. The team struggled to figure out:

Action plan

I leveraged real-time insights from users to analyze performance and understand user behavior at a granular level:

- Amplitude to locate the exact drop-off points in the customer journey

- Log rockets to understand how each user behaved on the site, tracing mouse and scroll movements to see which elements users click on

User interviews

This research was done by interviewing a group of 6 persons using Mark Copy’s solution on a regular basis. The goal was to understand how they use the app, what convinced them to use the app and what they would like to improve.




Other screens

SEO scoring: based on your main keywords and our recommandations, Mark will give you a score out of 100 to help you optimize your content.
Team management: Shared workspace at the company level with role management and security levels. Activity feed to keep track on the progress of the team and credit management.
Plagiarism check: how original is your content. With our partner Copyscape, Mark will analyse your content to avoid duplicate content from existing websites.
Document management system: store and access all your copy in one place and collaborate with your team directly on the app.
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