Autonomie énergétique

Product Design, UIUX Design, Branding, Visual Design, Art Direction, Concept Design

About the product

Energy Autonomy is a website that provides information on renewable energy to help people achieve energy self-sufficiency.

Their mission is to make energy autonomy accessible to all. We provide users with information on how to choose the most suitable renewable energy solution for their needs, and we connect them with qualified partners who can help them install it. We believe that the transition to renewable energy is essential for a sustainable future, and we are committed to helping as many people as possible make this transition.


Product designer


Problem statement

Autonomy énergétique is a site that allows to inform users on the different ways to access autonomy énergétique. Their problems are as follows:

01. Seems complicated

Many solutions are available on the market, which does not facilitate the choice.

02. Seems expensive

All solutions may seem expensive at first glance.

03. Each project is unique

Each house, each budget, the geographical criteria: so many parameters that make each project unique.




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