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AlumnForce is a platform that helps alumni connect with each other and with their alma mater. The dashboard is the central hub of the platform, where users can view their profile, connect with other alumni, and access resources from their alma mater.


The AlumnForce dashboard was outdated and difficult to use. Users had to navigate through multiple screens to find the information they needed, and the overall experience was not user-friendly.


The goal of the redesign was to create a dashboard that was easy to use and navigate, and that provided users with the information they needed at a glance.


  1. User research: I began by conducting user research to understand the needs and pain points of AlumnForce users. I interviewed users from a variety of backgrounds and with different levels of experience using the platform.
  2. Define the problem: Based on my user research, I defined the following problems with the existing dashboard:
  3. Difficult to navigate: Users had to navigate through multiple screens to find the information they needed.
  4. Cluttered: The dashboard was cluttered with information, which made it difficult to find what was important.
  5. Not personalized: The dashboard was not personalized to the user's interests or needs.
  6. Ideate solutions: I then brainstormed solutions to the problems I had identified. I came up with a number of ideas for how to improve the navigation, layout, and personalization of the dashboard.
  7. Prototype and test: I created a prototype of the new dashboard and tested it with users. I gathered feedback on the design and made changes based on their feedback.


After - Redesign
After - Notifications


AlumnForce users have been very positive about the new dashboard. They appreciate the improved usability, reduced clutter, and increased personalization.


The redesign of the AlumnForce dashboard was a success. The new dashboard is easier to use, less cluttered, and more personalized. Users are happy with the new dashboard and find it to be a valuable tool for connecting with each other and with their alma mater.


I am proud of the work I did on the AlumnForce dashboard redesign. I believe that the new dashboard is a valuable tool for AlumnForce users, and I am glad that they are happy with it.

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